A mentoring platform specially made for the arts


Web application


4 months


Feature planning, website design, front-end development, back-end development

Finding qualified mentors as a young artist seeking career guidance is no easy feat. While online mentoring platforms did exist, none were specially suited for aspiring artists.

Mentorly is the first of its kind: a mentoring platform that makes it easy for aspiring artists to grow and for seasoned veterans to give back. We worked collaboratively with their team to define the feature set and then built the entire the platform.

Mentorly collage

Designing with the end user in mind

Other mentoring platforms on the market at the time were too broad, looked generic and lacked personality. There was an opportunity to create something perfectly suited for Mentorly's target audience: creatives of all types.

Bright colors, striking typography and prominent imagery were just some of the elements used to speak to that audience, all while ensuring that usability wasn’t affected.

Mentorly web Mentorly styleguide
Mentorly mobile

Rich user profiles

We designed Mentorly's user profiles with the aspiring artist in mind. By highlighting important credentials such as experience and skills, and showcasing their work in a prominent fashion, browsing mentors and comparing your options is easier than ever.

Once a mentee has been selected, browsing their availabilities couldn’t be easier thanks to an intuitive calendar and list of time slots. Payments are processed by Stripe, a platform users already know and trust.

Mentorly profiles Mentorly profile

An unparalleled video chat

We built a custom video messaging system using Twilio, the communication platform trusted by the likes of Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb. The result is a buttery smooth video messaging experience with a crystal clear image that also works on mobile devices with WebRTC support.

Mentoring while on the go has undoubtedly become one of the platform's biggest selling points, and we'll continue working as Mentorly's partner to develop more features for its driven mentees and busy mentors.

Mentorly video Mentorly mobile video

“Volume7 has operated as our in-house dev and design team supporting us on our startup journey, and have exceeded our expectations as a reflection of their passion for their work.”

Ashley Werhun
Co-Founder & CEO, Mentorly

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