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A novel shopping experience for a unique brand


Online store


5 months


Website design, e-commerce, front-end development

Poches & Fils addresses the need for custom apparel in a unique fashion: buyers choose from a wide range of clothing options, then select a pocket from over 100 signature designs.

They came to us seeking a partner that would help them reimagine the online shopping experience while staying true to their brand—and that's exactly what we delivered.

Poches et fils home

A novel shopping experience

The unique, amusing and at times controversial pockets are at the core of the Poches & Fils brand. We set out to create an unprecedented browsing experience that emphasizes that product.

With pockets now at the focal point of the experience, viewing the products in detail and comparing different combinations is easier than ever. Those improvements in usability directly correlated to an increase in sales.

Poches et fils web Poches et fils zoom

Mobile-first design

Mobile was a big concern for Alexandre Vanier, Poches & Fils' CTO. Unnecessary page refreshes, clunky navigation and poor loading times were some of the issues we were faced with.

By considering the mobile experience first, we were able to meet the most basic requirements given constraints such as limited real-estate and lower connection speeds. After launch, mobile checkouts skyrocketed by 22%.

Poches et fils mobile

Leveraging the definitive ecommerce platform

Although the shopping experience is completely made-to-measure, we leveraged Shopify's powerful features to handle some of the heavy lifting: products and variants, payment processing, analytics, checkout, gift cards, etc.

We extended its abilities by building custom microservices that were embedded directly in the online store. Updating specific parts of the platform independently became possible, and proved to be hugely beneficial for reliability and scalability reasons.

Poches et fils checkout Poches et fils gift cards

Keeping the customer engaged

We ensured that customers were experiencing the distinct Poches & Fils brand throughout the entire shopping experience. From the time they land on the website, all the way to when they receive their order, that signature Poches & Fils playfulness is ubiquitous.

Since launching in late 2016, customer reception has been overwhelmingly positive, and Poches & Fils' figures have never looked better.

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