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We're a Montreal-based digital product agency who's been designing and developing products since 2015.


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Building products for startups and large companies is what we're most passionate about. While we're known to move quickly and deliver value out of fewer resources, we pride ourselves on building relationships that are long-lasting and mutually rewarding.

What makes us tick is collaborating with our clients at early stages: defining the product roadmap, establishing overall design direction and building a scalable, maintainable codebase.

Occasionally, we assist larger companies looking for a nimble team of specialists with their strategy, design and development needs.

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We're a close-knit team of designers, developers and strategists who share a passion for well-designed products.

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Jonathan Baldwin


Jonathan is a full-stack developer with past experience solving technical issues for a school board and NGO. In his spare time, he likes reading about space and taking out his telescope.
Connor Brathwaite


Connor is a full-stack Javascript enthusiast. Whilst AFK, he enjoys grooming his hairless cats and playing D&D.
Megan Covens

Project Manager

Megan is a project manager and spreadsheet enthusiast with a background in marketing. When out of the office, she can be found planning her next trip or laughing at her own jokes.
Raphael Christian-Roy

Business Development Manager

With a software engineering background, Raphael is in charge of all business development initiatives. Highly involved in Montreal’s startup scene and determined to move mountains, he is also Front Row Ventures' Co-Founder, Canada's first student-led venture capital fund.
Alexander Haniotis

Partner & Design Director

Alexander oversees all things design. Prior to founding Volume7, he held early design positions at Shopify and Affirm. He knows a thing or two about soccer and creating fine Spotify playlists.
Robynn Lobo-Pires


Robynn is a full-stack developer with a penchant for project brainstorming sessions, well designed database schema, dabbling in street photography, and baking unusual pies.
Francis Marineau

Partner & Technical Director

Francis has been leading development since Volume7’s inception. When not working, he can be found playing the drums or riding his motorcycle.
Lorenzo Piccoli


Lorenzo is a full-stack developer and iOS enthusiast. When not hitting the keyboard, he's training to avoid getting hit while kickboxing.
Esteban Sanchez

Partner & Project Lead

Esteban leads product management for Volume7's clients. Passionate about creating elegant solutions to any problem, he's been involved in startups in the health and transportation industries. In his spare time, he loves skiing and playing board games.
Samuel Wong


Sam is a full-stack developer who gets distracted very easily. Loves food, hikes, roadtrips and levelling up.

Selected clients

Here are just a few of the great startups and companies our team has been fortunate enough to work with.

Our capabilities

We work collaboratively with our clients on all aspects of their product. Regardless of complexity, our team has the expertise to take a product from idea to launch.

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