Mobilizing a global sales force while enabling better decision-making

The challenge

One of the world’s largest CPG brands found themselves dissatisfied by a lack of productivity and poor visibility over their Canadian sales team's field operations. As part of their digital transformation initiatives, they sought out to equip sales reps with better technological tooling to address these issues. Lack of online connectivity, legacy data providers, and immense amounts of data to process were amongst some of the unique complexities involved.

Backed by our extensive experience building internal tooling software, we were selected to lead all design and development efforts on the project. What initially started as a simple sales companion app has grown to a full-fledged suite of products used by a global sales force, business analysts, and key decision-makers within the organization. To this day, we're still actively involved in ideation, feature development, and maintenance for the project.

Our solution

We started by creating an abstraction layer over legacy data sources to create a centralized and modern API. We then developed an app for sales reps nationwide to more effectively collect and report data. We opted to build it as a progressive web app (PWA) to meet the offline capability constraint without compromising on development velocity, with the added benefit of working on all devices. Additionally, we provided key stakeholders with a web-based admin dashboard to analyze collected data and manage core business operations.

  • Mobile-optimized web app with offline capability and background sync (PWA)
  • User accounts with permissions, access control, and gated features
  • Computer vision functionality (barcode scanning)
  • Real-time data fetching
  • Incentive program with performance-based rewards
  • Sharing of performance insights and actionable suggestions
  • Data visualization, document generation, and performance analytics
  • Customer feedback and competitive intel with location tracking
  • Compliance tracking and surveys
  • Logging, alerting, and monitoring setup
Mobile-optimized web app
Intel collection app and dashboard
Pricing capture dashboard

The results

The client is now equipped with a suite of software tools allowing them to directly measure sales force productivity while gaining access to invaluable data and insight. A more direct communication channel with their employees and customers also facilitates decision-making, and sales rep productivity has reached an all-time high.

Volume7 has consistently exceeded our expectations by delivering quality software on time and within budget, while providing us with invaluable product insight and guidance.

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